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Documents related to » microsoft mobile software updates

Intelisis ERP

MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: Intelisis is a customizable business solution based on three main processes: ERP, supply chain management (SCM), and customer relationship management (CRM).

Infor Optiva

MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: Infor PLM Optiva integrates product design functionality with program management, collaboration, and workflow capabilities.


MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: KMx is KMSI's distributed learning platform that provides integrated e-learning content development, learning management, performance management, learning content management, and virtual classroom technologies.


MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: Enj is an enterprise class business process management (BPM) software product, which enables customers to define business processes and automate transactions, documents, flows, and other actions required with every day business processes.

GSQA (Global Supplier Quality Assurance)

MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: GSQA is an enterprise-wide supply chain event management application that improves yield by helping to identify disruptions, which cause a company's factory to run at less than perfect productivity.

Infor LX

MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: Infor ERP LX manages standardized, process-driven manufacturing and distribution in high volume, and repetitive environments while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Enterprise Application Solutions

MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: Sonata has executed numerous projects for US and other international clients in areas ranging from co-product development and web-enabling solutions to re-engineering/platform migration to application maintenance.


MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: Interface Software's InterAction is a flexible CRM platform that delivers relationship intelligence throughout a firm or organization.

Infor Visual

MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: With its graphical nature, the Infor ERP Visual suite of products helps companies capture real-time data about their business processes using ERP, APS, MES, quality management, customer relationship management (CRM), e-business relationship management (ERM), warehouse management system (WMS), and transportation management system (TMS) capabilities.

Exact Globe

MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: Exact Globe is an ERP business solution that can help organizations gain deeper insight into the operational health of their business-across departments, and with customers, suppliers, and vendors.

Infrastructure Management Services

MICROSOFT MOBILE SOFTWARE UPDATES: Patni's horizontal service lines comprise packaged software implementation, quality assurance, and embedded technology.

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